Master Thesis Projects


We are open to discussing Master thesis projects in the areas of our research including electron microscopy, in situ monitoring of functional materials, electrocatalysis, and microfabrication.

Synthesis of Co-based metal oxide catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction


Co-based metal oxides exhibit exceptional catalytic activity for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline media. The aim is to prepare Co-based metal oxide powders using methods such as co-precipitation, solid-state, combustion methods, etc. The student is expected to select suitable methods to synthesize the powders. Upon successful synthesis, the student will test the OER electrocatalytic activity of the powders using a rotational disk setup. The student will also have a chance to characterize the powders to understand the properties such as phases, elemental composition, and grain size using electron microscopy techniques.

Contact: Mr. Tzu-Hsien Shen

Monitoring liquid flow in microchannels


At length scales of only a few micrometers, even water flow starts to behave different. The goal of this project is to investigate how liquid flows through miniature channels that are used as reaction vessels in liquid cell electron microscopy. To see the water flow, we introduce bright fluorescent nanoparticles and look how these tracer particles move around with a fluorescence microscope. The student will learn to assemble the MEMS cell for liquid-phase electron microscopy, operate an epifluorescent microscope, and process the acquired data to create 3D liquid velocity vector maps of the liquid flow through the microscopic channels.

Contact: Mr. Jan Vavra