Semester Projects | Spring 2024

(can be adapted to Bachelor or Master level)

Sample preparation design by finite element method

Sample preparation is important for the success of in-situ biasing experiment that are aimed in understanding on how materials respond to applied voltages. The preparing consists of making a thin lamella from the material of interest on a specialized biasing chip. The aim of the project is to design a sample preparation procedure using finite element methods (FEM), that will be realized afterwards in a real experiment. FEM is a versatile tool for the evaluation of many physical properties. The student will investigate the effect of different design parameters, including sample shape, position as well as the design of the chip. The computations will be executed using the specialized software COMSOL.

Contact: Mr. Pierpaolo Ranieri
Electrodeposition of catalytic films on microcells

To be updated with the description.

Contact: Ms. Elizaveta Shcherbacheva
Studying electrochemical behavior of Cu nanocatalysts during CO2 electroreduction reaction in microcells

Liquid-phase electron microscopy allows real-time monitoring of the structural and morphological evolution of catalysts under reaction conditions. Accurate interpretation of in situ data requires a series of benchtop and ex situ control experiments. This project aims to investigate the electrochemical behavior of Cu nanocatalysts using techniques such as linear sweep voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry to verify the accuracy of in situ TEM experimental data. Previous hands-on experience with electrochemical techniques is preferred for this project.

Contact: Ms. Saltanat Toleukhanova